LineX Icon Pack V 1.4 APK Patched

This super simplistic Neony icon pack with a linear theme on more than 2600 icons, is one of the newest icon packages you can think of. The LineX icon pack has a unique line style from the start, the icons look really unique and out of the box, which makes for a surprisingly different appearance in the digital age. There are over 2600 icons, as well as a multitude of high quality wallpapers to complement the look with the line icons.

# Use Nova Launcher
# Deactivate the normalization of the icons in the Nova Initiator configuration
# Set the icon size to 110% # 130%
# Preview and search icon.
# Dynamic calendar
# Material panel.
# Custom folder icons
# Icons based on categories
# Custom application drawer icons.
# Easy icon request

Download LineX Icon Pack V 1.4 APK Patched it now

LineX Icon Pack_1.4.apk