Cute CUT Video Editor & Movie Maker Pro V 1.8.8 APK

Now, you can DRAW movies, and you can draw IN THE movies! The powerful editing features of Cute CUT allow YOU to control it, allowing you to make movies of the highest quality, DIFFERENT from everything you've seen! Do you want to create your own unique movie? The set of robust and intuitive features of Cute CUT will do it in a short time, drawing magnificent unique movies and much more. In addition to providing the utilities of a common video editor,

# Draw directly in the movie.
# 3 Advanced brushes for professional effects: texture, linear gradient, radial gradient, editable gradients.
# Highly customizable transitions.
# 20 # Predefined transitions.
# Volume of transparency, edge, corner, shadow, transformation and sound ... ALL customizable!
# Share your movie.

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